Krepel Doors

Thanks to its many years’ experience, Krepel Doors has grown into a leading producer and developer of inside- and outside doors for home- and industrial building industry. The company, moreover, provides a broad range of indoor frames and sliding door systems as well as applies itself to total concepts. Krepel Doors supplies building companies and also suppliers of building materials.

Krepel Doors is a part of the Krepel Group. A family concern since 1870 which nowadays employs 180 people thanks to a strong growth. Krepel Doors is market-oriented and knows how to, continuously, adapt and improve itself. With a futuristic view, the results of today and our valuable experience from the past. The strength of the company comes from the combination of its valuable past experience, its today’s excellent performance as well as its future orientation. Krepel Doors: a Modern Classic.

Krepel does not only produce doors, but also makes and sells luxurious wooden boxes. These Krepel Cassettes are sold to, among others, the cigar industry, the food industry and jewellery business all over Europe.


Glorious past

Since the second half of the nineteenth century, Houtindustrie E. Krepel BV has been strong in producing wooden packages and (later on) doors. The history of the family business goes further back and starts in 1732. In that year the Austrian ancestor, Johannes Richard Krepel was put in charge of the technical supervision of a copper-mill. The copper-mill was located at a brook where the Head-Office is situated today. In order to get extra waterpower, Johannes Krepel built a waterfall in the brook, next to the copper mill.

In 1808, his son Bernhard Krepel became the owner of the copper-mill and since that time the company always stayed in the hands of the family. The waterfall he created to drive the mill still exists, and the Klarenbeek (“clear brook”) which laid behind it gave the village its present name. Bernhard Krepel summarized the economic importance of this waterpower with an enigmatic paradox: “If I have water, I drink wine; if I don’t have water, I drink water.

Johannes Krepel’s enterprising descendants then proved themselves to be real entrepreneurs who perfectly responded to the spirit of their times and their demands. Because of the decrease in the demand of copper, the heirs decided to close the copper-mill and in 1870 they successfully switched into the production of cigar boxes. Later, in 1950, the production of doors was added. And although today’s activities are completely different from those in 1732, the waterfall on the company’s grounds, the proverbial source of the family business, still reminds us of the copper-mill of older days.